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Spring 2024 Hours & Locations

We will open for the spring semester on Monday, January 22nd!

Eddy Hall 23Monday - Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm & Friday, 10 am to 1 pm

Morgan Library 175: Sunday - Thursday, 6 pm to 9 pm

Online Appointments: Above hours, plus Saturdays, 12 pm to 5 pm 

How to Schedule a Consultation:

Select an available appointment time (white space) to open the appointment scheduling form. Complete the appointment form by selecting the type of appointment you would like to schedule and filling out the appointment details, which your consultant will review at the beginning of your consultation. When filling out your appointment form, consider the following consultation types, listed under the "Would you like a remote appointment?" menu:

In-person/Face-to-face appointment: Select “No, face-to-face appointment." Your in-person appointment will be located in either Eddy Hall room 23 (for daytime appointments) or Morgan Library room 175 (for evening appointments). (See our "Hours & Locations" listed above to confirm the location your appointment will be held at.)

Online Draft Review: If you are unable to meet face-to-face or via video conferencing, which provides the swiftest one-on-one feedback, select "Yes. Schedule Online Draft Review appointment." Be sure to attach copies of your assignment sheet or writing prompt, rubric, and draft to your appointment form. While we prefer .docx or .doc files, .pdf files are also accepted. Failing to upload a copy of your draft may result in the cancellation of your appointment. Please reserve at least 24 hours for your online draft review to be completed and returned to you with feedback. 

Video Conference: Select “Yes. Schedule Video Conferencing Appointment." At the time of your consultation, log into your WCOnline account and access your appointment form by selecting your appointment time slot. From your appointment form, scroll down to the "Appointment Details" section. The Zoom link for your appointment will be located in the space titled "Access Zoom Here." Follow the Zoom link to begin your remote consultation.**

If you have any questions about how to schedule your appointment, please email us at

Cancellations and Missed Appointments:

If you are unable to attend your consultation (either in-person or remotely), please cancel your appointment by selecting your existing appointment time slot, then selecting "Cancel Appointment." You can also email to cancel. Failing to cancel or arrive on time for your appointment may result in receiving a "NO-SHOW" notification for a missed appointment. Missing more than two appointments without cancellation will place a scheduling hold on your account and revoke your ability to make Writing Center appointments online for the remainder of the semester; however, walk-in appointments will still be available regardless of account status. To appeal the hold on your WCOnline account, please contact us at

Hour-Long Appointments:

Appointment extensions are available, by request, for graduate students and undergraduates working on longer writing projects (15 pages+). Prior to requesting an appointment extension, we recommend that you book a preliminary, 30-minute consultation to discuss your writing project and establish your goals/expectations for the hour-long appointment with your consultant. Please email to submit an appointment extension request.

Academic Integrity

The CSU Writing Center takes academic honesty and integrity very seriously, and we ensure that our practices adhere to the university's standards for academic integrity. CSU conceptualizes academic integrity as doing and taking credit for one’s own work. We do not condone plagiarism, including students taking credit for other writers' work or claiming work written by AI as their own. In the CSU Writing Center, we want to help our clients and students find their voice and feel confident about their writing and original ideas. We encourage writers to take responsibility for their writing by helping them learn about different strategies that will improve their writing practices, rather than improving and/or editing their writing for them. We additionally encourage instructors to notify their students about the Writing Center as a resource that allows them to improve their writing abilities while maintaining their academic integrity.

To help the Writing Center adhere to the university's guidelines on academic integrity, we require that all students seeking feedback on essay exams, written midterms and/or finals provide the consultant with written consent from their instructor, stating that the student is allowed to receive support on their essay draft. If on the assignment sheet/rubric for the essay exam the instructor states that students may receive Writing Center feedback/support, then, the assignment sheet/rubric may serve as the written statement of consent for the student.

**Video Conference Appointment FAQ:

How do I access my video conferencing appointment?: At the time of your consultation, log into your WC Online account and access your appointment form by selecting your appointment time slot. From your appointment form, scroll down to the "Appointment Details" section. The Zoom link for your appointment will be located in the space titled "Access Zoom Here." Follow the Zoom link to begin your remote consultation.

What do I do if the Zoom link isn't listed in my appointment form?: While we usually schedule Zoom appointments in our system in advance, during our busy consulting hours and especially in the evenings, there is a chance that our team is experiencing delays while retrieving your Zoom link. We ask that you provide our team with a 5-minute grace period while refreshing your web browser until they can successfully upload the link to your appointment form. If the Zoom link is not listed in your appointment form up to 5 minutes after the scheduled start of your consultation, please email us at

What happens if I used the "Start or Join Online Consultation" button to access my video conferencing appointment instead of waiting for the Zoom link in my appointment form?: Selecting the "Start or Join Online Consultation" button will take you to WCOnline's broken, integrated video system, which may result in your consultation being marked as a "NO-SHOW" or missed appointment. Please DO NOT select the red, "Start or Join Online Consultation" button to join your video conferencing appointment, and instead, we ask that you refresh your browser until the Zoom link populates in your appointment form. If your Zoom link does not appear up to 5 minutes after the start of your scheduled consultation time, reach out to our administrative team at for video conference troubleshooting. 

I was experiencing technical difficulties at the start of my video conferencing appointment, so I wasn't able to log in to WC Online or Zoom on time. Now, I have a "NO-SHOW" notification in my email inbox. Will this impact my account status?: We understand that technological issues happen from time to time, and we don't believe that you should be penalized for circumstances beyond your control. In the event that you have technical difficulties (i.e., internet connectivity issues, problems loading the webpage, ill-timed software updates, etc.) while logging into WCOnline or Zoom that result in a missed appointment, send us an email, at your convenience, to appeal the "NO-SHOW" status of your consultation and request a rescheduling of your appointment. Alternatively, stop by the Writing Center's primary location in Eddy Hall room 23, during our administrative hours (listed above under "Hours & Locations"), to talk to a staff member about your account.

To schedule an appointment, log in to your WCOnline Account. If you're new to the CSU Writing Center, register for an account first. 

Note that this login is different from your CSU ID login.

Email with any questions.